Department of Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing department tries to confluences of specialized knowledge into practice. The department caters to the needs of B.Sc, PC B. Sc and M. Sc Nursing students. The department aims at preparing the student nurses to become competent enough to meet the ever changing challenge in the profession. The faculty imparts in depth and current knowledge to the students through various innovative teaching learning methods. The departmental research studies and CNE programs are conducted frequently to update the knowledge and skill to serve the humanity at large

GOAL: Prepare competent future Medical Surgical Nurses to work in different care settings according to Global Standards.


  1. Develop learning objectives for B.Sc.(N), P.C. B.Sc. Nursing and M.Sc. Nursing for each academic year.
  2. Organize curriculum according to the set objectives and work as a team.
  3. Develop and plan learning behavior for the students in each programme.
  4. Train students in clinical skills and teaching skills.
  5. Provide opportunities to participate and organize departmental activities like seminar, workshop etc.
  6. Celebrate National and International programme, collaborating with other disciplinaries.
  7. Identify the needs of the society and organize activities and awareness programme accordingly.
  8. Organize CNE programme in hospitals as well as in the college such as inservice education, orientation, training, etc.
  9. Guide faculty and students to conduct project & ongoing research.
  10. Incorporate Evidence based practice while providing care
  11. Conduct periodical evaluation of students and teachers to review the goals and objectives of the Department.
  12. Organise and conduct seminar , wrokshops and conferences 
  13. Visit specified clinical areas for advanced learning